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Lionfish at Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar in FL

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I was in Vero Beach Florida on business and while searching out somewhere good to take my dad out to eat, I saw lionfish on the Grills website. Instantly I knew where we would be eating. And it was only a 5 minute drive from the hotel I was staying at.

They broil the whole lionfish with an asain glaze. They serve it on a giant platter that catches everyones eye on the way to your table.

If you have have the chance, try this fish. It was AMAZING. Tender, juicey and as fresh as it comes. Defeinitely will be returning when I get back to Florida in the fall.

Lionfish are invasive, gobbling up everything they see in our Indian River Lagoon.

In an effort to help the fight, Grills Seafood Deck and Tiki Bar has turned the gobbler into the gobbled.

"We're really its only predator," said Jessica Parrish, a server at the restaurant's Port Canaveral location. When it's available, Grills serves lionfish at the port and at its Melbourne location on the Indian River.

Marine biologist Don George compared the fish — originally seen only in Florida aquariums — to feral cats, former pets let loose to fend for themselves in the wild.

On Monday, 14 people from across Brevard County joined FLORIDA TODAY editors and writers to try the exotic invaders and to talk about the health of the lagoon.

Midge Parris and six other members of the Cocoa Beach Women's Club occupied one end of the table. Conservation is one of the club's major focuses, and the women wanted to learn more about the fish.

"I'm a former boater," said Parris, a Cocoa Beach resident. "So I don't like invasive species."

Mary Bowman was there representing the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.

"I've always been a conservation educator," she said. She tasted lionfish last week at a Melbourne sushi restaurant and really liked it.

The restaurant has a hard time keeping up with demand for the fish, said Leah Bleichner, Grills manager.

"As soon as we get it in, we sell out," she said. She takes calls daily from people wanting to know if the fish is available.

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