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Blaze - Interview & New Album 10/21/2014

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EXCLUSIVE BLAZE INTERVIEW---Check out the flavor below!

We here at Twiztid's Official Facebook managed to hook up with the one and only Dead Man for a brief impromptu interview regarding all things Blaze.
Let us start off by saying first and foremost thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us. We will try to be thorough and right to the point with our questions.

Blaze: No problem I'll do my best to answer each and every one of them shits.

Ok, there has been some speculation and confusion in regards to what label you are currently on. Maybe hearing it directly from you would help. Are you officially signed with Twiztid's new record label?

Blaze: Yes I am, without a doubt, officially signed to Twiztid's new record label! And before you ask the name of it ... the answer is NO, I am not at liberty to speak on that at this time.

You must have read our minds. (laughs) Ok well with you being officially signed with them can we expect any upcoming collaboration efforts from you and Twiztid.

Blaze: Of course, we ARE the Triple Threat after all and when we get together big things always happen, so I would have to say yes to that question.

Ok, let's switch gears here for a second and talk about "Gang Rags : Reborn"... are you just re-issuing the "Gang Rags Extended Uncut" version under a new name? There are so many people saying this and that about this upcoming project ... please explain what this new "Gang Rags: Reborn" project is all about and shed some light on the subject for us all.

Blaze: I recently acquired the rights to the short lived "Gang Rags Extended Uncut & Uncensored" tour exclusive Album. For those of you who don't know, that record is what was intended to be the official national release of "Gang Rags" back in 2010, but due to some internal label happenings at the time it was more or less scrapped, and then a thousand or so were pressed up as an after thought and sold on tour. To say that me and Madrox busted our asses to make that record and then watch it get little to no love was hella hard to stomach. So when the opportunity came along that I could own the record and give it all the love it originally deserved, and Twiztid agreed to make it the 1st official release on their forthcoming record label I was and still am hype as hell!
My manager contacted Michael "Seven" Summers to strip away existing beats and start building beats from scratch, breathing new life into each and every track he touched. Between him and TheDeadBeats production the record NOW sounds the way it should of almost 4 years ago.

Good things to those who wait for it, I believe the saying goes... this project sounds incredibly interesting. Are there any other special attributes that make this new offering a must have?

Blaze: Absolutely! In addition to the totally re-produced, re-mixed, re-mastered record there will also be 4 Brand New NEVER Heard before tracks from the original Gang Rags recording studio sessions. Consider those the staples to staple your wig back on after its completely blown off from bumping this G shit! Oh shit, I almost forgot to mention about the new collectors packaging complete with a foil cover and all.

Wow! Shit sounds like you have finally gotten to represent this product the way you once originally intended to. We can't say anything but positive about someone making their dreams a reality. And after hearing all that we definitely want the record now more than ever!

Blaze: Great, that's what I want. I want people to anticipate this record to be the bomb because it is!

Interesting that you mentioned that as my last question is in regards to your ads having the ‪#‎SupportUndergroundWicked‬ in them... aside from the obvious is there any other meaning to this?

Blaze: It's like this... we are all Family and Family support is what I'm looking for, I want you to represent for me, Jamie, and Monoxide! This is my very first for real deal independent record and it happens to be coming out on my brothers Jamie and Paul's brand new Independent record label. So fuck yeah support us ... as we support yall and always will with Much Family Luv for ever!

Wanna read more q&a flavor with Blaze? Then head over to Blaze- Ya Dead Homie Facebook for info on upcoming flavor and events.

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