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10 Perfect and Potent Strains for Special Occasions

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It is always a good time to enjoy mary jane, as long as you pick the right strain! Here's your weedy guide to life most important moments.

Getting Dumped

Roll up some of that Strawberry Cough! This strain will give you uplifting, expansive thoughts to help you see all the great, new possibilities. Refresh your mind and space with the incense-like aroma that will help get rid of bad energy. This sativa’s high-THC levels make it potent enough to have short term memory loss and forget that loser! It’s a unique strand for a unique person -- don’t forget that!

Hangover from Hell

Can you reach for some Super Silver Haze? This sativa is energy boosting, so consume it alongside a cup of coffee. It helps you get back on your feet without making your head trip out too hard -- we know you just can’t handle that right now!

Midterms/Finals Week

Put the book down for just a second and toke up some Doctor Grinspoon. This sativa will make you super-charged and help you stay awake and cram. This strain is known for creating high-cerebral activity and intellectual enhancements -- get ready to ace some tests.

The Big Date

First dates are like walking a fine line. This moment calls for a stable hybrid: Loud Scout, a cross of Platinum OG and Girl Scout Cookies, will soothe any first-date jitters, keep you from yapping too much and leave still able to function, so you can listen to what your date has to say.

Snow Day

Bask in the aroma and high of the indica, MK-Ultra. This strain is perfect for a jammy day filled with Netflix and snacks. Get ready for a euphoric and relaxing trip to Couchlock City.

A Wild Party

Pack some Miami Haze before you go! This sativa is very party-friendly and will help you socialize by making you feel happy and enlivened. It’ll give you heart-racing energy -- perfect for having a festive time.

Sick Day

A bowl of OG Kush will help you sleep off the sickies. This classic indica gives you deep muscle relaxation and relieve nausea.

Successful Job Interview

You did it, so celebrate with some Hashplant! This indica will calm your nerves and get you comfy! Distract your mind from any mistakes or what-ifs and let yourself space out.


Hide some Jack Herer in your shoe because this sativa will give you a sense of awareness to hear things in a way you’ve never heard before! This strain gives you electric full body tingles and keep you awake so you can really enjoy the show!

After an Intense Workout

Blaze on some Chemdog to give your tired joints and muscles pain relief. This strain helps you chill after an extreme exercise session. This indica is a hard-hitting strain for hard-hitting athletes!

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