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  • Madchild - "It Gets Better" - Official Music Video

Madchild - "It Gets Better" - Official Music Video

Posted by Joe on

IT GET'S BETTER feat. Sophia Danai- The latest music video from Madchild.

LAWNMOWER MAN - The brand new album from Madchild, In Stores & Online 8.6.13.

iTunes -
Sub Noize Store: http://suburbannoizemerchandise.11345...

Directed by: Big Shot Music inc. & Jon Thomas
Directors of Photography: Jon Thomas & Jeremy Cox
Steadicam operator: Dmitry Burenok
Crane operator: Cedric Yu
1st Assistant Camera: Chris Tambosso
Set photographer: Jenny Waters
Digital Imaging Technician: Dmitry Burenok
Graph Design by Def3 & Naks One

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