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  • Intrinzik feat Johnny Richter "Ends Meet"

Intrinzik feat Johnny Richter "Ends Meet"

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Johnny Richter has been hustling since he left the Kottonmouth Kings and how appropriate is it that we’re hosting the premiere for the new single “Ends Meet” featuring Richter and Intrinzik. The track is the lead track on the upcoming “Underground Hustlin” Volume 54, which is hosted by none other than Johnny Richter himself and he’s booking a few collaborations for the album now online at The track has Richter and Intrinzik laying down some sick rhymes over a classic old school drum beat that is infectious as hell.

“I wanted to capture the essence of  Underground Hustlin and a Southern California summer all in one track. I thought JR would be perfect for sound of the beat and the theme of the track so I reached out to him to get a feature for the new UGH mixtape he will be hosting,” said Intrinzik. “We ended up shooting a video for the song in San Diego not to much later after that.”

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