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  • Krayzie Bone - Headhunters off "Chasing The Devil: Temptation"

Krayzie Bone - Headhunters off "Chasing The Devil: Temptation"

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According to the interview Krayzie Bone had with HipHopDX, Krayzie Bone is trying to reach out to Nas for more heat on his "Chasing The Devil Trilogy" which is available on December 2nd 2014 for purchase according to Amazon.Com. Although this project has been pushed back frequently, there are many different release dates according to different sources. As said above, Amazon.Com has the release date for Dec. 12th but HipHopDX has that release date pushed UP to October 28th 2014 which is presumably the Street Release Date. The interview with HipHopDX shouting out to Nas for a collaboration can be viewed below.

HipHopDX > Krayzie Bone x Nas:

Krayzie Bone says he ran into Rap royalty while shopping. “I was in Best Buy buying CDs and I ran into Nas,” Krayzie Bone says in a video posted on KrayzieBoneMedia’s YouTube page.

Krayzie Bone then uses his video to solicit the Queensbridge rhymer. "Nas, if you’re out there, holler at me,” the Cleveland rapper says. "We’re supposed to do a song. I need you on Chasing The Devil. It ain’t too late. We need to get that done. I need you on there ‘cause I need you to kick some knowledge to these folks. I need to just hook up with you, man.”

Krayzie Bone has been discussing his Chasing The Devil, his forthcoming solo album, since at least 2009. “It’s like when you out here chasing the fame, and the money, the glamour, the women and all that, basically what you chasing is the devil,” he said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in March 2009. "So it get real deep on the album."

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